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Canada, which has a friendly immigration policy, has another good move for immigration policy!
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2021-04-16 08:44:15

On April 14, the Federal Department of immigration, refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) of Canada announced that it would provide six migration channels for 90000 international university graduates and essential workers, so that eligible people can become permanent residents of Canada.
Marco Mendicino, Canada's minister of immigration, announced an immigration plan on April 14 to provide permanent residence PR status to 90000 people in Canada. Not only international students and medical staff can apply, but also employees working in supermarkets, meal drivers and taxi drivers can apply.
Immigration Minister Mendicino said the Department is opening up a new way for 90000 essential workers and international students in Canada to apply for permanent residency. Canada is now in the stage of fighting against the new crown and achieving economic recovery. More skilled and experienced workers and international graduates are needed to become a member of Canada and give them permanent status.
From May 6, there will be six new ways for essential workers, graduates of international students and French speakers in Canada to obtain permanent residency. Three of them are for international students and essential workers, with 90000 places.
20000 temporary workers applying for health care
30000 applicants are temporary workers in other selected basic occupations
40000 international students applying to graduate from Canadian educational institutions
These three categories will remain open from May 6 until November 5, 2021 or when applications are completed.
Guys, seize the opportunity! Since 2021, Immigration Canada has encouraged applications from within Canada. This year, about 70000 people have obtained permanent resident status. Today, the Immigration Department has enlarged its enrollment to increase the chance for Canadian students to become permanent residents. In the next three years, Canada's goal is to admit about 1.2 million new immigrants. The government's actions show Canada's desire for foreign talents.