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Latest Canadian study visa and entry policy reference
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2021-06-05 15:05:33

Learn to sign up to date policies
1. the academic signature of overseas students is expired in China, and cannot be renewed. Only the study signature can be reapplied to the consulate( Renewal of academic signature can only be applied in Canada, and there is no such option in China.)
2. if the students return to China after they graduate from high school in Canada, they need to apply for a new study sign if they want to come back to Canada to study in University.
3. during the new crown popularity, adult students must apply for study signing for courses shorter than 6 months( Courses less than 6 months ago do not require application for academic signature)
4. the applicant applied for the school signature with the letter of admission from university a of Canada in China, and then he received the letter of admission from university B and decided to enter university B. if the applicant is still in China, he / she must reapply the letter of admission from university B for further application.
5. the Immigration Canada undertakes that applicants who submit full academic signatures by May 15 will receive the results by August 6 (if the application materials are incomplete or supplementary materials are required, they may be delayed). Submitted after May 15, the Immigration Bureau said it would deal with it as soon as possible, but could not guarantee that a final decision would be made before the beginning of the autumn semester.
6. during the period of school, the holder of Canadian school signing can work legally part-time outside the school, working for up to 20 hours a week. In addition, in the cold summer vacation can be unlimited time limit full-time work.
Latest policy on entry
1. according to the latest official regulations, international students who have obtained the first Canadian academic signature shall not enter Canada four weeks (28 days) before the commencement of school, and may be refused to enter Canada or refuse to board the plane by customs in advance. This means that if the school starts on September 7, new students should arrive in Canada after August 10, but the time for entry cannot be too late, and enough time for isolation is required.
2. if the overseas students return to China for more than 6 months (whether on holiday or online classes), they need to submit a valid physical examination certificate within one year to enter Canada.
3. provide the new crown negative nucleic acid detection report 72 hours before boarding (Chinese version can also be used). Even if vaccination has been given in China, it is not exempt from mandatory Hotel isolation + 14 days of home isolation within 3 days after entry( Under 18 years old students who enter the country alone can be exempted from compulsory Hotel isolation for 3 days, and cannot be exempted if accompanied by parents.)
4. when you arrive in Canada, border personnel will determine whether you are eligible for international students' exemption according to the documents and certificates you provide. If you have any questions, please contact the border information service of Canada to check and confirm before traveling to avoid being refused entry after arrival.
5. for the first time, the students who apply for academic signature can accompany parents to submit temporary visit visas together. Staff of Beijing Office encourage this, but they do not make any explanation on the success rate.
6. minor students can be accompanied by a parent to enter the country. Parents do not need to apply for an entry exemption letter, and they can accompany the entry with the Canadian temporary visit visa; For the entry of the immediate family members of adult students, they shall hold temporary visa and entry exemption letter at the same time.
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