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The number of applications for studying abroad in Canada has increased greatly, and the University o
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2021-07-08 12:11:36

In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of applications for studying abroad in Canada decreased by 10628 compared with that in 2019.

Recently, according to a public data released by ouac last month in 2021, as of June 2021, the University of Ontario has received 706119 applications (470000 local students and 220000 international students), 28655 more than last year. Among all the applications received, the University of Ontario has confirmed to accept 105350 offers from local (secondary) and foreign students (non Scottish), nearly 2000 more than in 2020 (103426).

As the number of applications soared, but the number of admissions changed little, so the overall admission rate fell by 15.3% compared with last year.


From the number of applications received by different universities, we can see that the most popular universities for international students in 2021 are as follows:

1. University of Toronto: 50940 applications received

2. University of Ottawa: 27394 applications received

3. University of Waterloo: 21794 applications received

4. McMaster University: 20019 applications received

5. University of Western Ontario (complex): 18024 applications received

6. Rielson University: 17512 applications received

7. York University: 17233 applications received,

8. Queen's University: 16841 applications

The top 5 universities most popular with local students were: University of Toronto (55984), Ralston University (49108), McMaster University (48309), York University (44569), and University of Western Ontario complex (44349).

The five most popular majors for local and international students are: business, social sciences, engineering, humanities and biological sciences.

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